Need Websites is an one stop solution for providing your business an ultimate professional on-line presence. Developing customized business websites based on the current on-line algorithm is our area of expertise.Custom PHP, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, WooCommerce,ASP.Net are few of the platforms in which our IT experts serve our clients.


Websites provide platform to business owners to display their products and services on-line. On today’s date most of us prefer to make our lives simpler by getting solutions to our needs on-line. In this unique era of technological growth having a superior on-line presence does certainly help the business owners to have edge over their competitors. Developing a professional website for the business is the first step towards it.

Need Websites is a leading website development company. We assist our clients to dominate the virtual world by helping them to achieve a superior online presence. On today’s generation most of us prefer to get on-line solution to our needs which may vary from product related requirement to service related solutions. In such situation most of the business houses experience huge growth in their revenue model by acquiring a supreme on-line solution.

Need Websites help all the business houses to have the most professional and attractive business website at the most affordable rates. Our high quality service delivery has helped us to achieve a world class certification of being a leader in the field of GLOBAL IT SOLUTION PROVIDER. Our range of website development services varies from responsive static brochure packages to high end E Commerce and Bespoke websites

Need Websites understands the ultimate growth plan for your business hence all our websites are made SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly for retrieving the best results once our clients focus on doing Search Engine Optimization related work for their business houses. We utilize all the latest technologies in order to serve our clients and help them to dominate market.

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Need Websites not only designs customized websites for its clients based on their choices but also develops the website with dynamic features which provides the end user a complete control of the website. Need Websites has expertise to work on languages like custom PHP, wordpress, joomla, drupal, magento, dot net.

Our wide range of online solutions include development of software like CMS (Content management System) : a software developed to edit contents of the website, GMS (Gallery management System) a software which helps you to add unlimited images in the website, PMS (Product management System) a software which helps you to update the product details along with product image. We also work on a various other management systems, news letter functionalities, payment gateway integrations.

Can everyone use these tools?
The management systems and software created by Need Websites are highly user friendly. We keep in mind that our client know nothing about website coding hence the software we develop for our clients to manage his/her website is user friendly with a manual which helps our clients to manage their websites all by themselves at their free times without paying anything extra or depending on anyone.

Why Choose Us?
In Need Websites we value our client end experience hence we strive to maintain a high quality delivery module for our clients. Creation of software for managing the website is an important part of this entire process. We use the most secure responsive coding to develop websites. Our entire website development methodology is extremely progressive keeping the future change in technology in mind.

Need Websites believes in delivering W3C validated coding while developing the websites keeping the performance of the website in mind in the days ahead. Our personalized assistance and progressive approach towards the web development makes us a dependable source for promoting your business online.

Do you want to develop your website?
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We have our dedicated Linux server which helps us to provide the best hosting service to our clients. Need Websites provides hosting at the most affordable rate. Our 24*7 web maintenance team maintains your website security and assures your website suffers no down time.

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We offer a wide range of services related to digital marketing. This includes Search Engine Optimization work, PPC, Social Media Optimization related services.

Our digital marketing experts do keyword analysis and help you to short list the most suitable keywords related to your business. Need Websites help its clients to create a strong online presence and have a supreme edge over their competitors.

Our SEO experts are Google certified specialists , their immense knowledge in the field of on-line marketing has helped Need Websites to serve its clients successfully from the very initial days.

Why is Digital Marketing important?
Above 92% of business houses fail to survive the market competition due to lack of proper marketing. The key reason to be a successful company and sustain the success in the market is the proper marketing strategy. The revenue model of a growing business or an established business house depends mostly on the proper marketing methodologies adapted by the company.

Why Choose Us?
Need Websites understands your business goals. Our Business Development Experts who supervise the entire project flow are pass outs from the leading business schools hence they make the best decision utilizing their business acumen to help you to promote your business.

Need Websites analyze the market related to your business and then create the most competitive strategy to dominate the market and help you to achieve a massive growth in your business. We assign an expert team for your project who will be dedicatedly working on the progress of you on-line marketing work.

How to select the right strategy for Digital Marketing?
Need Websites goes through a variety of research before selecting the right marketing strategy for your business.
Time Line: Need Websites checks how long have your business been in the market, based on which Need Websites suggests the best possible way to conquer the market. For example if you are a start up business , we design a far more aggressive marketing strategy for your business than if you are a tenure business house.

Company Size: We evaluate the company size based on your employee strength and revenue model . Keeping your company size in mind we design a marketing strategy which will not only be affordable by you but the growth can also easily be traceable. If a company is excelling in it’s work and is looking for more business, then we suggest you to opt for PPC. However if the company is still in a growing stage we suggests Organic SEO work will be the best suitable methodology of Digital Marketing that can help your business to grow.

Competition and Target Market: Need Websites studies your target market and the competitive nature of your business. Keeping the competition in our mind we formulate strategy to promote your business online.

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The technology has advanced drastically in the last few years. On today’s date most of us avail the services or products which we require by downloading mobile application. Need Websites not only offers services related to web development and digital marketing but we do also specialize in service our clients to create mobile applications development related to their businesses.

Our expertise is in the field of IOS, Android and Blackberry application development. We are currently serving clients globally to develop applications which are efficient and user friendly. After job completion we upload the apps in the Google app Store based on the client request.

Mobile Applications developed by us are innovative and robust by nature.


Need Websites has a huge team of graphic and logo designers. The graphics and logos designed by us are creative by nature. We understand the logos work as a symbol of your company and helps you to create the brand for your company hence we maintain professionalism along with attractiveness while designing the logo for the business.

Need Websites provides customized logos for the businesses hence business owners can have logo designed based on their own choice. Our designs are mainly sleek and attractive and our experienced designers make them really catchy to leave an impact on your potential customer.

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